About Karen

My journey to where I am and who I am has been adventurous to say the least. My spiritual quest began as a teenager in the late 60’s by searching for ways to heal myself and my life. I read every book on natural therapies, holistic living, self help, supernatural and esoteric material. I always felt connected to a higher power and my angels and I knew that I was guided, supported and protected at all times.

I was blessed to have a grandmother who was spiritually gifted and who taught me lessons of love, forgiveness and positive thinking. She was “holistic” in her own unique way always trying to heal everyone with herbs, potions, healthy food, laughter and love. She was definitely the inspiration of my life and my heart is filled with so much gratitude for having Nanny in my life.

Throughout the last 40+ years I have completed numerous courses, workshops and retreats in the “alternative” healing modalities and have received a diploma from the “The Institute of Energetic Healing” in Montreal, as well as other diplomas in energy healing, spiritual counselling, shamanic studies, light language and more. I continuously pursue studies and new modalities in order to increase my knowledge and enhance my healing abilities.

I have great gratitude and love for my teachers, mentors and dear friends who have supported me on my healing journey. You have all touched me deep within my soul, whether I have taken classes with you, read your book  or have been inspired by your website.   One of my many teachers, Peter Goldman from the White Lodge in England who taught me Spiritual Psycotherapy as well as other courses in the 80’s used to channel the same message for me. He told me “You came here to be who you are”. Well for many years I must admit I pondered over this simple message and what it meant, but now I can honestly say that I embody that message. “I came here to be who I AM”. Life is about simplicity. Living in the moment. Surrendering to what is. Having faith in what will be. Be-ing the creator of my life and… it’s all about love, love, love. I finally got it and appreciate every day with all the gifts, wisdom and knowledge that is continuously being awakened within me.

I AM an intuitive Sacred Wellness Practitioner. I also teach many certification workshops including Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Therapeutic Touch as well as other creative and inspiring workshops. My true passion and joy is empowering others through these private healing sessions and workshops.

“Successful is the person who lives authentically with overflowing joy, exquisite peace, unlimited laughter, boundless love, constant connection with the Universal energy and who leaves the world a better place than they found it”

My Mission

To develop a community of those who want to connect with each other with loving hearts and open souls. To create an environment where “seeing” and “being” the authentic you is the norm.

My intention is to do and be the BEST I can, every day and with every person I meet, including myself. I will walk in my power and truth, and I will be gentle with myself and with others.

I intend to live each day fully and authentically, to be present with all I meet, and to meet all in the center of their authentic selves.

I remind myself that the greatest gift I can give is to fully see another, to hear another, and to be present with another. I recognize that allowing myself to be seen and to be heard is also the practice of Presence.

It is my goal to honor the beauty in all manifestations of the divine, to find a place within me to love all with whom I have contact, and to respect each one’s individual journey.

My own journey is my own responsibility, and I intend to walk that journey fully mindful of it as an offering to the expanding consciousness of manifestation.

For myself and others, I intend the following:

       • Exquisite peace
       • Sweet intensity
       • Overflowing joy
       • Boundless love

• Constant connection
• Universal energy
• Bountiful abundance
• Divine wellness

Inspiring Myself and Others

May I inspire all to move from fear to love and from victim to creator.
May I inspire all to recognize and connect with the divine essence in ourselves and all beings.
May I inspire all to take full responsibility for how we interpret our lives.
May I inspire all to develop, refine, and fully live our deepest intentions in life.
May I inspire all to open to the joy of ever deeper connections with ourselves and everyone around us.

  • Member of the Canadian Reiki Association – www.reiki.ca
  • Member of the ANQ (Association des Naturopathes du Quebec). I can offer receipts for your Health Insurance Plan
  • President of the Board of Directors for Therapeutic Touch Network Quebec – www.ttnq.ca