I AM Ever-Changing

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I AM Ever-Changing

As the trees are still turning beautiful colors… leaves are falling on the ground… and we are awaiting the first sprinkling of snow, let’s be reminded that life is ever-changing.  But with surrender, faith and trust, we KNOW that in the midst of change, everything is possible.

Approaching the cold winter months, I am being reminded again that it is time to go withIN, nurture myself, and just surrender.  In this “surrender”, I am trusting that all the seeds I have planted throughout the year will manifest in its divine timing.   So with faith, trust and love, I am able to let go of all my “expectations” of how things should be – or how things should turn out.  BELIEVE that you live in a world of possibility, a world of LOVE, filled with creativity, health, beauty and abundance.  Believe that you are important, special, unique and worthy of all your hearts desires.

 When you change the way you look at things, the things
you look at change!

When you are in a place of joy… when you are in a place of laughter… when you are in a place of focusing without any negative judgment on what you are doing in your day-to-day existence, the vibration of your frequency allows desires to flow to you. You become like a grand tuning fork that sings with positive energy. Remember you only have now. The place of transformation is now. The place of change is now.   All that you are wanting or needing, whatever it is that you desire is waiting for you. Speak to it!  Cultivate the thoughts, ideas, and words that bring it to you.

So as we prepare for the cold winter months… be good to yourself.  Live simply ~ Nurture yourself ~   Laugh ~ Love ~ and Play… and together we are working to welcome in a New Golden Age.


 I have deep gratitude for your presence in my life for we are ONE !!!
May your journey be blessed and your steppings be light and joyful.





It has been said that if you keep doing what you have always done you will get what you have always had.
You must be willing to change if you want to change the outcomes in your life. Choose today to think higher thoughts… Choose today to exercise your faith for the blessings of the Universe even if your outer life looks like things will never change.
Change will come if you take the actions needed to connect to your Higher Self and believe that all things are possible.


written by Debbie Ford

The beautiful gifts of gratitude begin at home – so today, invite a healing to happen… in your own body, in your own consciousness, in your own loving heart that feels blessed to be alive.

Notice all the riches you’ve been given:
the feet that allow you to stand,
the legs that allow you to walk,
the stomach that allows you to eat,
the lungs that allow you to breathe,
the throat that allows you to speak,
the mouth that allow you to taste,
the nose that allows you to smell,
the eyes that allow you to see,
and your beating heart that allows you to love.
Honor them all.

Become present to the treasures of your life:
the opportunities that you have been given,
the ones that have effortlessly opened up for you this year.
Reflect on your family, your kids, your partner, your friends.
Look through appreciative eyes, the eyes of what’s right, the eyes of the divine.
Give thanks in a way that you never have before.

Allow fear, doubt, struggle and pain to melt away in the presence of this all-loving appreciation.
Thank God that you have a consciousness that is able to shift and transform in just a moment.
Thank God that you are courageous enough to take a moment to bless yourself, to bless the universe, to bless all those who love and guide you, and then to bless all of the world.

Send your tears of love and gratitude
to those who are in pain,
to those who are alone,
to those who are confused.
Allow the heavenly vibration of gratitude to puncture their fearful illusions and open up their hearts to what is truly divine.

Today, take this vow of deep self-love and gratitude,
knowing that when you are in the presence of this kind of love, you – as well as all of those around you – will flourish.
Take five slow deep breaths, breathing in love, appreciation, gratitude and joy.
Know that you are never alone and you will never be alone.
The angels are surrounding you with love.

🍂 ´¨¨*)) -:¦:-❤*-:¦:- *((¸¸.´ ..·*🍂




From my heart to yours ❤ ~ Many blessings ~ Karen
Excerpt from my NOVEMBER 2022 Newsletter – “Inspiration for the Heart & Soul”
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