I AM Flourishing

I AM Flourishing

How would our lives change if we took time each day…. to notice and comment upon the beauty of nature that we witness?… If we spoke to our friends and family of good memories and our goals for the future… if we took the time each day to smile at strangers and compliment the people in our life… if we took the time to appreciate each other and spread loving words and kindness…if we took the time to forgive ourselves and others ~ to not harbour on the injustices of the past but to move forward with hope, faith and love…  If we took the time to be grateful for all the blessings in our life and not complain about the things we do not have.   Try this for one day, and you will see your life start changing for the better.

One day you will wake up and say   “I love my life, I am in my power, my bliss, my loving-heart,   I AM THAT I AM ~  I  AM ONE WITH ALL ~   I AM LOVE ~ I AM JOY ~ I AM PEACE.    Ahhh, what a wonderful place to be.  May you re-member to play and talk with your angels.  They are always there to guide you and light your path.  May your journey into your I AM PRESENCE be gentle and sweet.

             JUNE 21st is the Summer Solstice
           A time for Inner Reflection and Positive Growth

The  Summer Equinox calls us to mature in openness and love. In every sense, this celestial event reveals the fullness of life ~ the richness of our worldly blessings.  As we experience the warm, full power of the solstice sun, we are reminded that each day is an unfolding of beauty and a renaissance of infinite possibilities.  We are summoned to remember that the fruits of “now” contain the seeds of “tomorrow” seeking to emerge from the old, and that we are meant to celebrate and appreciate life in all of its fullness.

Wishing you a sunny month filled with much laughter, playfulness and JOY.  Your inner child wants to be free, to be the shining star that it came here to be.   Put your energy on what you are grate-ful for in your life, and you will find more things coming into your life to be thankful for !   Believe in the power of your thought… the goodness of the universe… the worthiness of your being… the power of who you are… that all things are possible… and that you are the creator of your own reality.

In gratefulness we lift our eyes
With loving thoughts in our heart
We give thanks for all things good
For blessings the Creator imparts.
Let our hearts be ever glad
For beauty that abounds
And gives a taste of heaven’s glory

When summer comes around.


June is a good month to let go of things that do not serve us any longer – from outgrown relationships to “things” that we are holding on to.  Take some time to de-clutter your house, do some gardening and en-joy the outdoors –  the beautiful flowers, trees and nature in its glory.   Breathe, laugh, smile, play and en-JOY.
Remember, All your thoughts and feelings are energy, and energy is vibration.  It is time to FLOURISH !
“Where you put your intention… G R O W S”

1. Find something beautiful and appreciate it.  Beauty is all around us, from the morning dew to the evening stars and everything in between. Most go through life not noticing all the beautiful things that are around them, and yes it’s every where, so take the time to notice them, and appreciate them when you see it. Whether it’s the scent of a flower or the way rain ripples in puddles of water, appreciate the beauty life has to offer.

2. Make a list of all that you are grateful for.  Making a gratitude list shifts your vibrations from focusing on what you do not have to what is already abundant in your life. There is more to be grateful for than you could possibly imagine. You can start with “I’m Alive!” and expand from there. Gratitude is the Attitude.

3. Slow Down and Meditate.   Take some time during the day to slow down.  Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breath in and out. Try to make your breath longer, fuller, and more relaxed. It has a direct affect on your nervous system and helps to calm you down. A calm vibration is a high vibration. Too often we rush through our days with a scattered brain leaving us in a state of anxiety and stress.  Meditation helps to calm your spirit down and put you in a peaceful state of mind.

4. Spend time with Light-Minded friends ~ Have meaningful conversations… laugh… play… dance… go out in nature… living in the present moment will bring you back to the still point… the past is gone.. the seeds are planted for the future… now RELAX  and EnJOY !


From my heart to yours ❤ ~ Many blessings ~ Karen
Excerpt from my JUNE 2022 Newsletter – “Inspiration for the Heart & Soul”
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