I AM Dreaming Big

I AM Dreaming Big

The month of May brings me so much joy as I witness everything starting to bloom again.  The trees will soon be lush with beautiful green leaves.  Flowers of all colors, shapes, aromas and beauty are starting to bud.   We are all like flowers…  blooming into beautiful beings.   Like flowers need rain and nurturing to bloom, remember to nurture yourSELF.

I trust that the words in this Newsletter plants beautiful seeds within you and that you all “bloom” into the beautiful flowers that  YOU ARE.  We are in a time of transformation, so many of us are in the process of releasing everything that no longer serves us – whether it be limited thinking, old beliefs and patterns, relationships that we are no longer in harmony with, or careers where we are not being in our passion and joy. It is difficult to let go of things that we are so “comfortable” with but the greatest reward is when we surrender, take that risk and trust that we will be supported in the “new” way of living.    May your journey into “magnificence” be gentle and sweet.



“Every leaf that grows will tell you: what you sow will bear fruit, so if you have any sense my friend,                                                               don’t plant anything but Love.” ~  Rumi

Today is a new day.  A new beginning.   It is a day brimming with unlimited possibilities.  Today the angels attend you, available to help you in your every need.  Today, give thanks!  Give thanks for the beautiful spring and all that is blooming.  Give thanks for the blessings that come to you!  Give thanks for all that is good in your life; for the opportunity to offer your gifts to the world. Give thanks for being alive at this precious time!
Today, nothing restricts you. Nothing limits you!  Let your spirit soar and feel the joy and lightness of being that comes with trust, faith and surrender to your highest purpose.   There are many good and profound surprises on its way to you ~ today !


“In a world full of roses, BE a sunflower. 🌻  BE YOUnique”



Celebrate this special day with love, kindness and appreciation for your Mother and all females who have inspired you and                          made a difference in your life.

Also, remember to honor Mother Earth (Gaia) who everyday lovingly nurtures us with the richness of the land.  She gives us everything to sustain us.  Look around at all the beauty… the colors, the plants, the water, the mountains – what magesty we live in.   It is up to us to take care of her and to be thankful for having the opportunity to be part of this very special Planet.




What have you always dreamed of doing? Are you on your way or the “someday” plan?
Dreams are important because they give you something to look forward to, wish for, and live for.  And remember, only YOU are the Creator of your Life.

The Monthly Action Challenge

Your challenge this month is to Dream Big. Everyone has a dream. If you have been dreaming little these days, decide to do the opposite. Playing safe won’t get you to where you want to go.
If a dream has been put in your heart, it’s probably because you were meant  to do it. So, why not go for it? It’s better to try, than to wonder what could have been if you only gave it a chance.
Remember also to keep your vibrations high with lots of SELF-love and nurturing.
So what do you say? …  You only have one life to live so it might as well be a life you love!

1) I AM excited to wake up and start my day    

When we are running at a high vibration life feels exciting and filled with unlimited possibilities.  If you leap out of bed in the morning ready to tackle the day, you can bet you are running on a high vibrational frequency.

2) I AM in Good Health   

Our bodies are physical manifestations of our vibrations.  High quality energy results in a high functioning body, and this reduces and even eliminates injury and dis-ease.  Eating nourishing foods… walking in nature in fresh air… laughing and playing… all contributes to good health and sacred wellness.

3) I AM Feeling Strong

When our energy is high we will feel as if we can move mountains.  Feats that usually feel too challenging suddenly feel possible.  We discover our courage within to be who we are and speak our truth.

4) I AM Going with the Flow

A high vibration will keep you in an optimal state of productivity, flowing easily from one movement to the next.  You will feel perfectly balanced, neither overwhelmed nor bored. You will often feel like you are “in the zone.”

5) I AM Expressing Kindness and Love automatically

Those who have a high vibration are more likely to radiate love and light to others. They naturally share more smiles, hugs and acts of kindness, without strain or effort.  There is no need to judge or criticize others or yourSELF… there is a deep knowing that WE ARE ONE !

6) I AM Feeling Happiness and JOY

Not only do these emotions feel good, but they are also strong indications you are creating a positive future for yourself!  They are also among the easiest signs of a high vibration to identify, if we pay attention to them.

 :¦:-*~**--**~* -:¦:


From my heart to yours ❤ ~ Many blessings ~ Karen
Excerpt from my MAY 2022 Newsletter – “Inspiration for the Heart & Soul”
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