I AM Emerging

I AM Emerging

March 20th is Spring Equinox.    With the change of weather comes the promise of new beginnings, of taking action, of planting seeds for future gains.  We are changing and evolving, the only thing that is constant ~ IS change.   Nothing remains the same forever.   Change and New Adventures always starts with our thoughts and beliefs.  So maybe March is a good month to take that leap of faith and do something that you have always wanted to do.

But first it is a good idea to do a bit of  Spring Cleaning.  It is about ridding yourself of all old dusty, limiting beliefs and patterns  ~ anything that keeps us STUCK in a way of BE-ing… so when we plant the new seeds in our gardens… we may be blessed with the beautiful budding flowers in our summer months.

It is time to shine your light and BE the magnificent person you came here to be – so why not start now?   Every baby step that you take is a promise and commitment to the Universe that you are READY for a change, you are ready to live your heart-filled desires.  Continue nurturing the seeds that you have planted in your subconscious mind ~ in your eternal heart.  With a little bit of patience, trust and surrender to the divine purpose of your Be-ing ~ there is no doubt that you will grow into the beautiful shining star that YOU ARE.

So what baby steps will you take this month?



When you wake up in the morning, say to yourself – “Thank you God and my dear angels,  for another beautiful day in which to en-JOY all the beauty I see around me and to BE the beauty and true authentic self that I AM.  I will push through any obstacles or difficulties with trust, hope,  faith and surrender that all is well in my world.

I AM grate-ful for all that I have and I ecstatically anticipate all the new
blessings that are about to come into my life”






As the snow begins to melt from the ground and green shoots start to emerge from the soil as promises of the blooms to come, it’s time to take stock of your spiritual house. You may already have plans to spring clean your home… perhaps dusting the hard-to-reach places and cleaning behind the refrigerator… but what about the clutter and grime that has settled into your energy field and chakras?

Try These 7 Techniques For Balancing And Recharging
Your Chakras:

1. Your first chakra “Root Chakra” is all about grounding and feeling secure & safe on Planet Earth.  So take a barefoot walk in the grass or on a beach to reconnect to Mother Earth.  In case of snow 🙂 dance barefoot in your house… jump on a trampoline.
2. Your second chakra “Sacral Chakra” is about creativity and relationships especially to yourSELF.  Nurturing yourself and practicing self-love is very important.  Take time for YOU… a trip to a spa to pamper yourself… time alone with a good book or to meditate in nature… a clearing bath with epsom salts.
3. The third chakra “Solar Plexus” is the seat of all you emotions and where your will and self-esteem resides.  Do physical movement that you love… a walk in nature, dancing in your kitchen, yoga, tai chi, belly dancing.
4. Your fourth chakra  is the “Heart Chakra”, and when it’s open, you can give and receive love easily and in a healthy way. Do an act of kindness everyday… without expectaton of return. Practicing love with a pet who loves unconditionally is a great way to heal your heart and become open to trusting love again.
5. The fifth chakra “Throat Chakra” is about speaking your truth, choosing to express the real you. Journaling with total honesty can clear and charge this chakra… and help process old traumas. Journaling is a major part of energy medicine and is incredibly freeing!
6. Your sixth chakra, the “Third Eye Chakra” is where your higher intellect and clarity of vision reside. Daily meditation… another essential part of energy healing, helps to awaken this chakra so you can increase your intuition and inner wisdom.
7. An open seventh chakra “Crown Chakra” can be attained through meditation and prayer since the crown chakra is what connects you to spirit. Here you can ask your higher self for guidance.

Together, your chakras govern all areas of your life: relationships,  stress, career, self-esteem, love, spiritual progress, and everything else. When they are in balance, you are in balance, and your whole being is lighter, freer, healthier, and happier. So take advantage of the days getting longer and the blossoming of nature this spring…  and rejuvenate your soul with the clearing, charging, and balancing of your chakras.

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From my heart to yours ❤ ~ Many blessings ~ Karen
Excerpt from my MARCH 2022 Newsletter – “Inspiration for the Heart & Soul”
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