Newsletter July 2021


“Some people say I am a dreamer… but I am not the only one…  I hope some day you will join us… and the world will live as one”.    John Lennon and me

We still have free speech, so I choose to share some positive vibes with you all with hopes that as you read these words… your heart opens… hope increases… and your vibration rises.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience… so let’s live our best life.

Summer is here.  A new month – new beginnings – new adventures.  I pray that July brings you much happiness, sunshine, joy, love and peace.  A time to en-JOY the beautiful weather, to relax, to spend quality time with family and friends in the great outdoors, to nurture yourself and to BE IN THE FLOW.

Living in The Flow is such a wonderful state to live in. When in The Flow you truly know that the Universe conspires to support you. Living in The flow is a beautiful, yet powerful state of being where life moves effortlessly through you. What does it mean to be in the flow? When in the flow you know the answers to life’s challenges with little effort or figuring it out. When flowing, you tap into your creative juices as the words, music or art naturally flows out of you. You may be highly productive, tapped in and turned on with little to no effort. But, perhaps most importantly, when in the flow, you experience well-being or even bliss of which happiness is a natural by-product.


Life is a flow, it never stops, so do not stop anywhere,  go on.  

The experience of today is valid only for today… tomorrow will be a new day where all has to be started again.

From my heart to yours ❤~ Many blessings ~ Karen


As you go with the flow and enJOY the beautiful warm summer days, remember….

BE MINDFUL – Mindfulness is a key element of learning how to go with the flow where you focus on the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing. That’s it. You don’t judge your thoughts and feelings as bad or good; right or wrong. Instead, you simply acknowledge and accept them and control how you respond to them.

BREATHE – Breathing grounds you. It connects your mind to your body and your body to the world around you. It helps you become present, reduces your anxiety, and allows you to approach life with a calm head.

PLAY – Remind yourself that it’s perfectly fine and good for you to have fun, to take a break from chores and responsibilities, to do something just because you enjoy it and want to nurture that part of yourself.

LAUGH – Laughter is a powerful way to embrace the insanity of life. Laugh at life!  Laugh with life!  The events that are beyond our control often feel so absurd, so why not embrace the absurdity of it. You certainly cannot change it — but you can deflate the fear and anxiety that the unexpected presents.

ONE STEP AT A TIME – Every amazing endeavor and accomplishment took time to build.     It’s not going to happen overnight, and even once you make a lot of progress you will still fall back from time to time.    And that’s OK.  It’s all about acceptance, patience, and slow and steady work to reclaiming your personal power. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up now and then; imperfection is a key part of the journey of learning how to go with the flow of life.

EMBRACE CHANGE –  “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”  ~ Alan Watts
Let the day dawn in joy.  Bring only beauty into your heart.  Let the thoughts of the past be gentle.  Let the thoughts of the future be bright.  Allow your mind to become a garden of delights, where only the beautiful and bright, the joyous and wondrous, are allowed in to play.
Each thought opens like a tender blossom,  full of joy and brightened by the sun peeking from between the clouds. 
Excerpt from my JULY 2021 Newsletter – “Inspiration for the Heart & Soul”
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