I AM Nurturing MySELF

I AM Nurturing MySELF

In this time of lockdown and self-isolation for Covid-19, I AM taking the time to nurture myself and be still.

I am choosing to stay in the present moment and not go into fear.  Honestly, I did have a few moments of meltdown – thinking about survival and finances, but in my stillness I was assured that all is well and everything is going according to the divine plan.  This slowdown has been long overdue.  Earth is healing with no aiplanes in the skies and no boats in the ocean.  Humanity is given a chance to reflect on what is really important in our lives.  Time to let go of no longer serves us and make room for the new Earth and new way of living that is upon us.


We are billions of caterpillars forced into our own cacoons… being called on to change and transform from the inside out… to metamorphosize…

to rest… to reflect… and to sprout wings.


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