I AM Ready for 2020

Karen Mosuk - Costa Rica 2018

I AM Ready for 2020

Happy New Year to all my angel friends.  In 2020, may you be happier than you’ve ever been, laughing harder, smiling wider, standing taller, walking lighter, dancing crazier, hugging longer, living grander, loving louder.  Today we celebrate new beginnings. Today we take pause to be grateful for the past which has constructed our road to the now. Today is a day to remember that anything is possible in this moment.
2020 is your year to wear your Light and Soul well. To become the master of your fate by making choices that move you into a space of freedom. To be thankful for all that is you and all that is about you, for you are the creator of your universe.  Every day of the coming new year . .  listen with your heart and then move into that place of thought, intention and deed. Truth and Authenticity is the grand master of all human energies in 2020.  Ask to live higher and wiser and from a place of love, then stand back and watch as miracles and blessings be bestowed upon you..
Be certain to take time in the next couple of weeks to journal your personal goals and visions for the New Year. Open yourself to the voice of Higher Self and Soul while allowing universal energies to move through you and you will be able anchor the next level of Living that is ready to take place in full orchestration on Earth.
The entire universe needs you. Whatever you yearn for, become it. Whatever you wish for, let it be your experience. Stop wishing for anything, just live it!
Wishing you a new year that opens and expands you into more options and possibilities.

Today is a new day.  A new beginning.    It is a day brimming with unlimited possibilities.  Like a blank page of a script, you can write down your hopes and desires, and move the flow of your life along with the intention of your own thoughts.
Today the angels attend you, available to help you in your every need.
1. Give thanks that your life is exactly as it is.
2. Decide that 2020 will be the happiest year of your life yet.
3. Every day, follow your heart and instincts down new paths.



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