I AM in the VOID

I AM in the VOID

“Just because I feel I am going nowhere doesn’t mean I don’t know where to go. Sometimes the smartest move I can make is no move at all.

In time, I know I’ll be on my true path once again”.

I must admit, I am in the Void again. Seems to be a place I visit often – less often in the last few years I must say – but I am back.

I am 56 years old. I have been in the fashion industry – corporate world for 39 years. I am in my present company now for 17 years. Yes, everything I do, I stay a long time. Is this being committed or is it that I just like being in the “comfort zone”? My spiritual and healing journey began when I was a teenager in the late 60’s. I always knew that I was “unique” and different and chose to take the path least travelled. This was my calling and I listened. I was always guided to the right teachers and healers at the right time. I knew that this was what I wanted to do also. My mission was clear ~ to serve, motivate and inspire others. I questioned alot where this came from as I had the most devestating fear of speaking in public and only overcame this in the last few years. So I began taking courses, workshops and retreats to heal myself. I went back to school , took courses and became certified in Holistic Therapies, Reiki, IET, shamanism, energetic healing, chinese medicine, accupressure, herbology and the list goes on. In 2004 I started teaching workshops to Adults, Teens and Kids and saw clients for one on one private sessions. I loved it. I was in my passion and joy. I bought a house in 2007 with the intention of having my practice in my basement. I was happy, creative, joyful, in the flow and trusting. I was working 7 days a week ! 🙂 Five days at the corporate job and seeing clients and teaching workshops at night and on weekends. Oh oh, got a little burned out, so decided to take the summer off and rejuvenate, relax, take time for myself. I have en-joyed every moment of the summer….

But now it is September and I am wondering where I am going. I feel change in the air. New directions. I feel a tremendous opportunity is just around the corner, new doors opening, new adventures, new beginnings. I sense it all but it is not manifesting. So I am in the void. This made me feel uncomfortable all week. I was angry, I was sad, I was impatient. Then my little voice said “It is okay to be in the void.”

On the medicine wheel at my shamanic retreat this summer, I was EAGLE. I have waited all my life to take wing, to be myself and speak my truth. It is time to go within and trust. My spirit is calling me to jump off the cliff. I am ready. I am excited. Okay, now my patience is back knowing that it is all worth it. I trust and I surrender. I am supported, I am guided, I am loved.

Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter…….

From my heart ~~ to yours, Karen

Allow spirit to step in, to hear its calm voice of reassurance and a gentle reminder that you are a child of the Creator, powerful beyond your imagining and you hold the key to creating a reality that reflects your greatness, divinity and the unconditional love that is your divine birthright if you will stand quietly in the space of ‘not knowing’ and wait for the voice of spirit to guide you.

The only way to get what you really want, is to know what you really want.
And the only way to know what you really want, is to know yourself.
And the only way to know yourself, is to be yourself.
And the only way to be yourself, is to listen to your heart.

** Update April 2019 ~ Hmmmmmm…….. where do the years go?   I am 65 years old and absolutely loving my life.  Still in the corporate world but now 4 days, my Holistic practice is booming and bringing me so much joy….. I am travelling….. feeling a nice balance in my life and having lots of fun !!   Thank You Universe and Creator !

** Update July 30, 2o2o ~ Happy Birthday to me… I am now 67 years old.  Life is definitely changing.  With Covid-19 upon us in this year, many changes were forced upon me but I am feeling grateful for all my blessings.  The corporate job is now working remotely from home a few hours a week (yehhh).  With more time on my hands I am getting more creative with my Holistic Business and workshops.  Although tomorrow is the unknown, I am in total trust and surrender.  Bring it on Universe ~ I am ready for new adventures !

** Update October 22, 2020 – ~ Farewell to my corporate job and welcome to new adventures !


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