I AM an Animal Lover

I AM an Animal Lover

I was just sitting here and thinking how happy my three cats make me. They entertain me, love me, make me laugh, they are cuddly and affectionate and just plain wonderful. God certainly knew what he was doing when he created animals. I would own dogs and other animals if I could, but with my busy lifestyle ~ three cats are easiest to take care of.

Apollo is 13 years old. Very affectionate and loving with me, but likes his own space and likes to be left alone. When people come over, he may hide and sleep the whole time or he may come out for a little while to check out the company. When Apollo’s sister, Athena, died 2 years ago, we were devastated. I never imagined that I could feel so much grief and emptiness by losing my devoted companion.

After months of many friends offering me animals, I visited a friend who told me her neighbours cat had three kittens. I visited and fell in love with Oliver at one month old. I told the neighbour that I would be back in another month to pick him up. I did and there is no doubt that he was the one for me. He looks like a maine coon ~ very affectionate, loving, playful ~a total joie de vivre. Oliver, now at 2 years old is a Reiki Feline Master and my assistant 🙂 Very interesting story. A few weeks after I had brought him home, I was giving a Reiki Level l workshop in my home. Oliver has always been a very playful, frisky and curious cat. The day of the workshop, he stayed in the circle and when I had finished giving the attunements to my students, we found him under one of the chairs – on his back, purring and totally zoned out. I must admit I was little worried, because he stayed in that position the rest of the day ~ this was not normal for Oliver. But the next day, he was back to his usual playful self. The same thing happened for Reiki Level ll, Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master. For all levels, I found him under a chair receiving the attunements. So of course, he has received his certificate for Reiki Feline Master. When I teach my other workshops or when I see clients for private healing sessions ~ he always knows what to do to make the person comfortable. He always sits at their feet or jumps on their lap and looks into their eyes. There is such a strong healing power that eminates from his cute little body. Everyone always says how extra wonderful they feel after a session or workshop. Oliver is my very special healing assistant.

I thought 2 cats were enough to handle, but one day, my friend who does cat and dog rescues, told me about Carly who needed a home after being abandoned and put out into the freezing cold in the winter months. After an examination by a vet and a bill of good health, I brought her home. It was a little touchy at first because Oliver and especially Apollo were not ready to accept anyone new in the house. It took awhile, many growls and hisses, but now there is contentment and harmony in the household. Carly has turned into a beautiful, affectionate cat. She has so much gratitude for her new home, her new loving family, nourishing food and a comfy bed (mine) to sleep in every night. After a few months of hiding when people came over, she is now greeting them at the door and also assisting in all the workshops and private sessions.

All this to say that I am very grateful for all the love that I receive from my companions. I also notice that they are so much my mirrors and teachers ~ with their independence, their attitude, their playfulness, their loving nature ~ they constantly teach me and remind me to live in the moment, go with the flow, to relax, to trust and surrender that all is well.

Update – It is now 2019 and my dearest companion Apollo has crossed the rainbow bridge in March 2016.  He was close to 20 years old – and will always be in my heart.


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